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At about 350,000 tweets per minute it's not always easy to be heard on Twitter unless you already have millions of followers. Flowly empowers anyone on Twitter, especially new account holders, to become highly efficient at promoting skills, hobbies, interests and products.

By sending out variations of your Tweets you are essentially slowing down Twitter's consumption rate and increasing your exposure. The end result gets you more views, likes, re-tweets, site traffic and off course, followers.


  • 99 RSS Blog Feeds

    Quick-Share the most recent news from popular blog feeds and add custom #hashtags, for increased tweet visibility. Choose from over 20 categories.

  • CAMPAIGN driven

    Set up multiple campaigns with video or image attachments for different industries and topics. Pause, edit, cancel or restart campaigns at at any time.

  • MORE Followers

    The best kind of followers are REAL ORGANIC FOLLOWERS. Flowly messaging enables you to reach free Twitter followers who are really interested in your Tweets.

  • Auto REPEAT and DELETE

    Auto delete inactive Tweets from your timeline that don't receive any response. Only your best, most popular Tweets remain visible for everyone else to see.

Free Twitter Followers on Twitter Timeline

Frequently Asked Questions

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Flow marketing is an intelligent social marketing algorithm invented by the makers of Flowly. It enables a unique communication strategy that sends out pre-written "slow messages" over time. These messages can either be sent as plain text with links or can also contain image and video attachments. Essentially Flowly seeds your Twitter timeline over a set time-frame with targeted messages to get the right audience to read and click your tweets. What makes Flowly so unique is how it manages your timeline by removing only the tweets that don't receive any response. It also allows you to resend Tweets that perhaps were missed the first time around by people in other time zones. Flow marketing is distinct from other marketing in two ways: (1) the timing of the messages follows a pre-determined schedule; and (2) the messages are timed as a series of applicable Tweets that are relevant to the status of the sender with future dates in mind of important upcoming events.
Our goal behind Flowly is to make it easier for you to manage and automate important messages over time that will allow you to promote events, products, site launch dates etc. Be ORIGINAL with your Tweets or check out any of our 99 RSS feeds to share content or get ideas from. Flowly makes tweeting super easy and fun if you don't know what to say. DON'T repeat the same exact content over and over. The Flowly webapp interface enables you to quickly duplicate Tweets to edit the tweet content further with variations of similar words and hashtags that will yield different results, similar to how traditional marketing companies will do A+B testing to find out which campaigns generates the most interest. However, with Flowly you can take it even further by creating A+B+C+D... etc. tweet message campaigns. Make each new Tweet unique and be creative!
By using the attach button in the Flowly user interface you can send any web standard formats JPG, PNG and GIF (including animated GIFs). And for video, Flowly supports only MP4. Please make sure your videos are not longer than 30 seconds, 1080p or 720p resolution or less, and rendered at 30 frames per second. 60fps is not yet supported and will cause your campaign to not those messages. Additionally, you can also paste "" in your Flowly feed which will automatically make YouTube videos visible and playable in your Twitter timeline as you scroll. Log in free and play around to see how it works.
We like the way Flowly manages your timeline and automatically removes tweets that DO NOT receive any response. For example if you send out 20 tweets and 5 of those tweets were shared, liked or replied to, the other 15 tweets will automatically be removed from your timeline to only show your active engaged tweets. You control the delete scheduling of inactive tweets. By keeping track of these stats you can learn a lot from how you tweet and which call to actions works best in your campaigns. Log in free and play around to see how it works.
Yes for sure , via Bitly. Bitly is by far one of the most powerful short link tracking solutions available on the web today. Flowly enables you to connect your bitly account straight into your message view. All you have to do is copy and paste any links from the web. Flowly's messenger will auto-shorten your links on the fly to short urls. Any links shared this way can then be tracked by logging into to see how they perform. And if you are using Flowly for clients you can share the results with them by adding a plus symbol in the URL. e.g. (your share link) and (your client analytical link)

Subscription Pricing

To start using Flowly for free and see how it works, simply LOGIN WITH TWITTER.
Upgrade or downgrade from your account dashboard anytime.


  • Auto compose RSS Feeds
  • Preloaded with 99 RSS Feeds
  • Re-share Instagram posts
  • Up to 3 active campaigns
  • Schedule up to 1 Month ahead
  • Enable Bitly tracking
  • Auto repeat messages up to 5x
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  • Auto compose RSS Feeds
  • Add your own RSS feeds
  • Re-share Instagram posts
  • Up to 10 active campaigns
  • Schedule up to 3 months ahead
  • Schedule any time zone
  • Enable Bitly tracking
  • Auto repeat messages up to 10X
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  • Auto compose RSS Feeds
  • Add your own RSS feeds
  • Re-share Instagram posts
  • Unlimited active campaigns
  • Schedule up to 1 year ahead
  • Schedule any time zone
  • Enable Bitly tracking
  • Auto repeat messages up to 20X
  • Export campaigns as CSV

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